The Draft of our Multi-municipal 
Parks, Recreation, Trails and
Open Space Plan is Now Complete!

Since 2015 a task force — consultants from Natural Lands and Toole Recreation Planning and officials from Rose Valley, Nether Providence, Swarthmore, Rutledge, the school district and Swarthmore College — has been working together to prepare a Plan to guide the four communities in making decisions about our parks, recreation and open space network.

The task force has met with the public twice, held focus groups, conducted key stakeholder interviews, collected public comment through online forms, and completed an exhaustive assessment of the four communities’ resources. From the information collected the task force established a mission, vision, objectives and goals, which served as the framework for a set of recommendations for improving, growing and maintaining the network well into the future.

The Plan is intended as a guide, not a mandate. Using the Plan as a guide, the municipalities are encouraged to rely on the knowledge and judgment of their residents and leadership in making sensible decisions. By signing on, the municipalities are not placing themselves under obligation but they will gain substantial benefits. Having a unanimously endorsed multi-municipal plan positions all four communities well for funding from state granting programs and opens doors to funding opportunities that municipalities going it alone are not eligible for.

Please click on the image below to read or download the draft Plan.

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